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You Can Help Change Lives Too

We need support to keep changing lives! 


You can help us by:


Donating Funds:

We gladly accept all donations to support SASHA programs. No amount is too small or unappreciated! Donors can state where they want their donation to go, or ask SASHA to use it where it is needed the most.


In addition to funding current SASHA programs, we are looking for donors to support more SASHA housing. The need in our community is great and too many people who need SASHA's help are on wait lists because we are out of space for them to live with us. We are thankful for donors who want to contribute funds to help us operate more homes.


Donating Items:

Donations do not have to be only in dollars! SASHA operates the SASHA Store - a collection of basic household items available to individuals and families in need at no cost. Donations of gently used items to the store make an incredible difference to SASHA clients and others in need in emergency situations, or starting over.  


Hosting a Fundraiser:

Fundraisers can be a fantastic way to support SASHA's work! If you have an idea for a SASHA fundraiser among friends, family or at your workplace, please contact us! 

Please note: Donors who would like to remain anonymous can do so.

2019 SASHA Community Mental Health Satisfaction Survey:


Many respondents expressed a need for more space at SASHA to decrease wait times and continue to serve the present need.  Many also commented on a need for SASHA to have more funding to help with staff retention and increase capacity.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


Learn more about how  you can help!


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Join Our Team

Bring your skills to SASHA

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