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Community Connections

We strongly believe in the value of collaboration amongst different community service providers. We know that SASHA clients have the best opportunity to achieve their goals when they have access to a broad range of supports and are knowledgeable about accessing these. 


Our approach has always been to work in partnership with our community organizations to facilitate service integration, rather than duplicate. The success of this model is evidenced by positive client outcomes.


Some of the community organizations we work closely with are:

In Healthcare:

AHS Mental Health and Addictions Clinic


Addictions Counsellor and/or Mental Health Therapist, MDA, Outreach, crisis support, access to Psychiatrist, injection nurse and referrals to other community services. Clinical Support with difficult situations through specially trained staff to support clients, staff and the overall program

AHS Community Treatment Orders (CTO) Team

Support for client on CTO from CTO Case manager, Outreach support, medical/mental health/ medication support.  Support for staff to ensure continuity of care and no duplication of services.

AHS Community Supports Program

In house support for clients and/or staff from trained staff from a variety of different profession designations (Social Work, LPN, Psychiatrist nursing, and Addictions Counselling).  Support connecting with appropriate community resources on both a short-term and long-term basis as identified by the client and/or treatment team.

AHS Diversion Program

Court ordered support with Mental Health interventions, connection to community resources and support with the justice system


In home supports for clients that have been assessed as needing on going medical supports and interventions.  Support with assessment, placements, treatment planning, liaising with other medical professionals. Support for staff with appropriate medical interventions and education


Specialized support for clients with chronic/ co-morbid, acute and complex conditions.  Support with education and management of medications, delivering to clients and consulting with client, staff, and treatment team, as needed.  On call and after hours support for staff and clients with questions, prescription, support and consult.

Primary Care

Working with client’s primary care physician as an integral part of the treatment team, ensuring continuity of care, support with medications, testing, diagnosis, education, referral(s) for specialized support/interventions.


Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADS)

Providing medical supplies to low income clients that would otherwise be unable to afford or consistently afford the supplies they need to have a meaningful quality of life (walker, cane, mobility needs, specialized bed, safety grab bars, and various supplies for non-curable conditions


Schizophrenia Society of Alberta

MDA, connection with resources for client and family, peer support

In the Justice System:

PACT Police and Crisis Team

Community policing and mental health support for clients with mental health and addiction issues that frequently require first responder interventions and staff.

Calgary Health Region Forensic Mental Health Services and Forensic Assessment Outpatient Services - Mental Health (FAOS)

Specialized support for clients that have been found “not criminally responsible” for a crime they committed.  Psychiatrist, nursing, social work, Case manager, psychologist. To ensure community safety and client compliance.  


Lethbridge Police Services

Community Engagement, staff and client safety, consulting support for program policies and recommendations

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 2.52.00 PM.png

Lethbridge Legal Guidance

Support with legal matters for clients and guidance for staff to increase positive outcomes for clients.

In Family Services:

Lethbridge Family Services

Support for clients and staff through education, groups, peer support and immigrant services.


Lethbridge Family Ties

Inter-agency placement committee.


Child and Family Services

Support for clients coming out of care and for clients who have children in care.  Continuity of care for the client and/or children and ensuring appropriate supports are in place for optimum client success

In Education:

Reeves College

Support for clients coming out of care and for clients who have children in care.  Continuity of care for the client and/or children and ensuring appropriate supports are in place for optimum client success


Lethbridge College

Support program, staff & clients with students who are trained in best practices within the addiction/mental health/ medical field/ social work/ justice and Child and youth care.


University of Lethbridge

Support program, staff & clients with students who are trained in best practices within the addiction/mental health/ nursing, public health, aboriginal studies, neuroscience, psychology, kinesiology, social work and business management.

In Spirituality:

Community Elders and Other Spiritual Leaders​

Support for clients, staff the program and ensuring cultural/spiritual competencies and connection to others.


Sik-Ooh-Kotoki Friendship Centre

Support for clients and staff through indigenous teachings, culture, elders, activities and community support

In Wellbeing:

Day Treatment Centre

Meaningful Daily Activity (MDA), support with specialized recreation therapy, access to psychiatrist and/or mental health therapist, access to community groups and engagement

Alberta Healthy Living

Specialized support for clients and staff around food, lifestyle, managing chronic illness, support with diabetes, education, avocation, group support


McMan Youth Services​, Family and Community Services Association

Community support for clients and staff with groups, educations, community resources, training and case consultation.


United Way, Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta

Funding supports for the program to support client needs with MDA, employment opportunities, socialization support, peer support, avocation and transportation.

In Employment:


Support with employment, volunteering and/or job preparation through community stakeholders


Ability Resource Centre

Support with volunteering and employment through their bottle depot


Alberta Works

Short-term financial support for clients while they work to better themselves and their circumstances. Support with education, employment and transportation.


5th on 5th Youth Services

Support with education and employment for clients that are diagnosed with mental health or physical health concerns.

In Addictions:

Supervised Consumption Site

Support for clients active in addiction. Education and training opportunities for staff to ensure best practices and continuity of care

Recovery Coach Program

Support for cultural connections with clients and ensuring support for staff with a harm-reduction lens.

In Housing:

Lethbridge Housing Authority​

Support with safe, subsidized housing, monetary subsidies for clients, discharge support for clients and staff and specialized support for staff and clients with a focus on hording, infection control, access to appropriate community housing and housing resources.  Support with program expansion.


Housing First ICM​

Support for housing first clients, ensuring continuity of care and non-duplication of community services.  Support with staff training and education around cultural sensitivity and harm-reduction practices.

In Other Fields:

Alberta Supports

Support for clients and staff navigating supports available for low-income, at risk individuals and families to ensure equal opportunities to employment, schooling and child care as other.


Financial support for clients, ensuring housing stability.  Support for clients and staff with meeting the medical, physical, emotional and alternative supports that the client requires

Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee​

Supporting clients who are unable to support themselves with a multitude of decision making to ensure client safety and quality of life.

Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Supporting clients through assessment, funding, support, MDA and housing as identified.  Support for staff with client intervention(s) and education around developmental diagnosis and disabilities.


City of Lethbridge​

Renovations to House A. Grant money to ensure safe living conditions for clients and staff.

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