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Programs & Supports

When you join SASHA, we ask you what your goals are. Then we help you make a plan to reach those goals.


This is called an Individual Service Plan or ISP.


Your ISP is driven by YOU. It includes programs at SASHA, and activities you will do. This might include:

SASHA Groups:

Groups are based on the interests of SASHA clients, like:

  • Hoarding group

  • Men’s group

  • Cultural group

  • Storytelling

  • Smudging

SASHA Programs:

  • How to Manage Money

  • Learning about Cannabis

  • Fire safety

  • Eating healthy food

  • Keeping myself healthy

Community Activities:

We want you to be comfortable doing healthy activities in the community. 


You can attend community groups like:

  • Music group

  • Living sober

  • Limber up

  • Art group

We also plan activities in the community for everyone at SASHA to do. This could be:

  • Movie nights

  • Bowling nights

  • Painting classes

  • Beading classes

  • Festivals

Meet the Cats!

We also have two wonderful cats who will become your friends! Their names are Princess Polly Pepper and Willy (Willy is also called Wills, Wilson and Sir Willy).

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