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Community Connections

This is YOUR community. YOU belong here.

There are many programs and services in Lethbridge that can help you, on top of what SASHA will do.

We will ask you what you want, and will help you connect to the right services.

An example of services outside of SASHA that we might help connect you with are:


Healthcare & Wellbeing:

Addictions Counselling access

Pharmacy support for medications

Homecare for wound management



Lethbridge Legal Guidance

Family Services:

Lethbridge Family Services for personal growth groups



Connection to a spiritual leader or faith group



Lethbridge College for upgrading, then into a diploma program like Heavy Duty Mechanic or

Massage Therapy


At SASHA, we will help you find all the different ways you can be healthy, and reach your goals.

"SASHA helped me access CMHA and Alberta Mental Health, and they helped me get out more. All the SASHA groups helped. It helped me by doing something during the day instead of isolating in my room. It got me out and socializing with others."

- T, SASHA Client

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