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Programs & Supports

SASHA clients may live in SASHA housing, or independently in the community, based on their assessed needs. Participation in SASHA programs is a requirement of ALL SASHA clients, regardless of where they live. Clients and SASHA staff develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that considers the client’s goals and needs, and programming is determined based on the ISP.


All programming is client-centered, and client driven.

SASHA programming is focused on providing supports to empower our clients to make healthy choices towards the goals they set for themselves, while also developing skills and practices for group and independent living. We get client feedback on an ongoing basis to ensure programs and activities are client driven and meeting needs.

Programming may include:

 Improving Social Skills

 Cannabis Education 

 Fire Suppresion 

 &  Fire Drills 

 Nutrition & 

 Meal Planning 

 Food Preparation Safety 

Financial Literacy

 Personal Hygiene 

 And Many More! 


SASHA clients also participate in regular group sessions. Groups are determined by our clients,

and have included:

  • Hoarding group (AKA Organization Group)

  • Men’s group

  • Chair yoga

  • Cultural group

  • Storytelling

  • Smudging

  • Mindfulness

We support clients through a lens of cultural and gender diversity. At SASHA, we know that learning from each other and from our different stories helps build capacity and creates a more positive therapeutic environment.

Pet Therapy

We have two amazing house cats - Princess Polly Pepper, and Willy (also known as Wills, Wilson and Sir Willy). Pet therapy reduces stress and improves moods, especially when clients struggle. In fact, Willy always knows which SASHA client needs him most, and he decides where he’ll spend his day or sleep each night by choosing that client! 


Our cats provide valuable pet therapy that comforts and entertains both clients and staff.

Community Programming

We believe that empowering our clients to confidently engage and interact with their larger community is important. This broadens their circle of supports, and reinforces that they are worthy, valuable members of their community.

SASHA staff support clients to access many therapeutic groups in the community. These have included:

  • Coffee social

  • Art of friendship

  • Circle of friends

  • Music group

  • Living sober

  • Limber up

  • Art group

  • And more!

SASHA & Community Together 

SASHA clients and staff plan recreation and leisure programs to engage in meaningful daily activity. The planning process is a skill building activity itself and encourages independence. 


Recreation and Leisure Programs have included:


  • Movie nights

  • Bowling nights

  • Painting classes

  • Beading classes

  • Festivals

  • Visiting tourist attractions

  • Camping

  • Trips to other communities

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