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Get Referred to SASHA

You need to be referred to SASHA in order to access our programs.

Step 1: Do you meet the criteria?


Eligibility criteria:
1.    Age 18 to 64.
2.    Diagnosed with a severe and/or persistent mental illness.
3.    Willing to participate in programs.
4.    Able to function in an open residential setting.

Ineligibility criteria:
1.    Individuals whose addiction interferes with their day to day function and/or others comfort and safety.
2.    Individuals assessed as high suicide risk.
3.    Physical health conditions requiring ongoing medical support.
4.    Primary diagnosis of developmental disability.
5.    High risk behaviours putting themselves and/or others at risk.

Step 2: Get Referred

Do you have a mental health therapist or social worker?

Ask them to complete this form and send it to SASHA:

Are you homeless? 

Go to                                 and ask for a referral to SASHA. 

Hours of Operation:  

Monday - Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
312 Stafford Drive South, Lethbridge

Phone: (403) 942-7040

Are you with Alberta Health Services and able to make referrals?

Log into the 

Or Call Us Below:

"I was referred to SASHA by my therapist. I wasn’t doing well and couldn’t live on my own. It was really nice and the staff are awesome and supportive, that made me feel comfortable. I was scared, then I felt at home. All the clients I meet are friends. We are like a big family. Some I feel like are my sister and brother. It was scary at first but then it helped me to achieve my goals. I have achieved to stop self harming and I got my family back. I became more confident and I can finally keep my boundaries."

- T, SASHA Client

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