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With SASHA, Home is where the heart is.


We want you to be safe and healthy at home. We have room for people who need:

  • Emergency housing

  • Short term housing

  • Long term housing

  • Respite housing

  • And more.

"It’s a great program. Its scary at first then it gets easier and it feels like home. We are all here for different reasons. We are a family and I wouldn’t change that for the world. They help you with coping skills. We are all here for each other and we all support everyone who is struggling to do stuff. It is a great place to get help and achieve your goals."

- T, SASHA Client

At SASHA we learn from each other, and support each other. When we decide who comes to live with SASHA, we take a careful look at what you need. For example -

If you have suffered domestic abuse and will be healthier living only with females, we will try to make that happen. Or if you are recovering from a broken leg, we will put you in a room on a main floor. 


SASHA gives you choices about the kind of home you can live in. 



We have 3 houses in the heart of Lethbridge, within walking distance to downtown. If you chose to live in one of our homes, you will:


  • Share a room

  • Have chores

  • Share meals

  • Be responsible for your laundry

  • Be responsible for keeping yourself clean and tidy

  • Take your medications

SASHA 2.0 Permanent Supportive Community Living

If you are able to live on your own as a SASHA client, you can choose where you want to live in the community. SASHA staff will visit you in your home every week and you must allow them in.

You will still be responsible for:

  • Chores

  • Meals

  • Your laundry

  • Keeping yourself clean and tidy

  • Taking your medications

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